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You have taken a gig from a rising leader named Yosel, a high-ranking member of one of Cy's most violent ultra firms. The firm's old leadership has to go, and you will be the people to make that happen.

Infiltrate a stadium, sabotage a career, buy some merch!

Play it cool and leave without a trace, or kick the door down and get net-famous. As you infiltrate deeper into the Duodrome, you will find unique loot, dangerous NPCs, and the dark secret keeping this streaming-sport operation together...

This infiltration adventure compatible with CY_BORG includes:

  • 12 pages of intense adventuring
  • A 21-room "dungeon"
  • Art by the amazing SorryHat
  • Layout by the excellent Horayn. Check out his charity work here!
  • Unique items to outfit your punks
  • Random tables to inspire creativity and keep variety when running the adventure multiple times.
  • Extra Nano powers compatible with CY_BORG
  • Strongly characterized NPCs that can slot into larger games of CY_BORG with ease.

I also wrote some other stuff. Check out my class, the Derelict Android, here and some tables for making your own computer viruses here!

The Ultra Upset is an independent production by Quint Nigro and is not affiliated with Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the CY_BORG Third Party License.



Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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